This has been true for Valentine’s Day for a long time now. The Texas Music Educators Association had their annual meeting during the week that included Valentine’s Day. We always had to plan ahead, delay, or just skip it.

Actually, I took half a day off Monday and took Cindy fishing. (If you can find a girl that will bait her own hook . . . even though Proverbs 31 doesn’t say so, You’ve found you an excellent woman, more precious than jewels.)

We went fishing, not catching. We went to the Waccasassa River, no fish, we went to four ponds in the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, not even a bite. We stopped at one pond and hardly felt like fishing anymore. Someone had left a few pieces of cut up shrimp. I threw one in and it disappeared immediately. One jillion no-see-um gnats convinced us to just throw the rest of that shrimp in the water and head for supper. We ate outside at Cedar Key and it got pretty chilly before we were done.

Even though so much didn’t work or was uncomfortable it was one of the best days ever all because of one word; TIME. Make your time your gift; your spouse, your family, friends and not yet friends. You won’t regret it. Especially if you give your time to your Savior.