I washed my truck and within a few minutes, you could see the tiny flecks of pollen landing and sticking on it. Not every grain of pollen produces a seed, most don't, but for every seed that grows into a tree, it takes a grain of pollen.

The pollen is essential but it is still incomplete. It is only one component. The other is the seed while it is still in the flower. The seed awaits the pollen and together they produce a fertile seed that is capable of producing another pine tree.

We need to scatter the pollen of the Gospel, scatter it so thickly that it covers everything. We also need to pray that some of that pollen finds a seed just waiting for something to make it fertile. Then, the Holy Spirit can take that fertilized seed and cause it to grow.

In the parable of the four soils, Jesus explained that the seed is scattered indiscriminately. Some seed will fall on the path where there is no soil, others will fall on rocky ground where there is little soil, some seed will take root among the weeds and thorns, but that which falls on good soil will produce a harvest up to a hundred times!

We can't make the Gospel into a fertile seed; that is the Holy Spirit's doing. I do believe that we can add our small part, something as tiny as a grain of pollen that helps someone to hear and for seeds to sprout.

Pastor Pete Pharis