Our Outreach is made up of three groups. We reach out Locally, National, and worldwide as we seek to make Jesus's name known.

What is Acts 1:8? Acts 1:8 ministry is the model we are using to give structure and organization to our outreach here at FBC Bronson. With this, we endeavor to reach Jerusalem (Bronson and Levy County), Judea and Samaria (Florida and the US), and to the ends of the Earth. Our fellowships (the third Sunday of every month at 6 pm) Will be a time to hear from a ministry we do or support and how we can help, pray, give, or go. With our three teams, we hope everyone finds a place to serve how God is calling them to be a part of the great calling we have to share His love at home and around the Globe.

Jerusalem/Judea Team

Geographical responsibility: Levy county/Florida

Supported Ministries include Bronson Kids Clothes Closet, Harmony pregnancy center, Children's table, Bronson Bags, and Fall Festival.

Samaria Team

Geographical responsibility: The United States

Ends of the Earth Team

Geographical responsibility: The rest of the world

Acts 1:8 Fellowship is the third Sunday night at 6pm

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